Credit Repair Help

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Credit Repair Assistance.

Let the professionals help you grow your credit. Starting with Shylock Capital is as easy as 1-2-3

Getting your life back in 3 steps:

  • 1.  FREE ANALYSIS Our agent will guide you on how to pull your credit  report for a ridiculous $1 fee, then create a custom-tailored  comprehensive report for you in under 24 hrs.
  • 2. SIGN UP Signing up is Instant and transparent. We provide you with a portal to monitor your progress.
  • 3.  RESULTS We go after creditors and Bureaus on your behalf, aggressively  fishing for foreclosures, charge-offs, late payment, errors.

You  will speak to an experienced credit repair agent who will look at your  information and propose a strategy based on your goals.

  • Assurance  - It's simple we will deliver results or you will get a no questions  asked full refund. Our proprietary process was developed by experienced  attorneys.
  • Speed - Documents are processed and sent out for investigation under 48 hours!
  • Support - 24/7 round the clock customer support, go ahead give us a call at midnight!

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